We are thoroughly dedicated to providing our customers the very best and most secure online Commerce experience possible.

After carefully researching and examining where and how the world's leading financial and commodity markets protect and house their data, we selected a data fortress with impressive multiple levels of hosting, redundancy, power, and security.

We host our servers in the Midwest's premier mission critical data center:

The Lakeside Technology Center.

Lakeside Technology Center is "The world's largest data center" at 1,133,739 (sq ft), it is among the most connected and secure facilities found anywhere.

It is also the nerve center for Chicago’s commodity markets, housing data centers for leading financial firms attracted by the wealth of peering and connectivity providers.

The industrial strength infrastructure includes four fiber vaults and three electric power feeds, which provide the building with more than 100 megawatts of power. It is currently the second-largest power customer for Commonwealth Edison, trailing only Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Grid power is supported by more than 50 backup generators throughout the building, which are fueled by multiple 30,000-gallon tanks of diesel fuel.

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