Cutting-Edge Solutions is a subsidiary of Mechanical Music Corporation and draws from over 35 years of serving suppliers and retailers within the music products industry.

In 1996, our company developed the architecture for the technology that was to become the foundation of our Generator and Pro-Active Commerce product lines. Cutting-Edge Solutions is sharply focused on helping grow businesses in multiple industries become better online marketers, and more efficiently maximize revenues.

Our enterprise commerce solutions, website development and unique array of marketing tools have forged countless relationships across the world.

We find it gratifying to be able to be part of the growth and prosperity of so many different companies and their dreams.

At Cutting-Edge Solutions we consider it a privilege to be able to integrate your vision with ours, and to become an extension of your team with our development expertise and continued support. We invest ourselves in your success and provide the results that allow your company in whatever industry, to thrive and all-ways be selling. It is a source of pride to give your customers the outstanding online experience and excellence they have come to expect from you and your company.

Today and into the future we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, expand opportunities and provide the connectivity that our unique suite of solutions provides to an ever-changing online environment.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals - starting today.