Imagine a fully integrated, web-based system that allows you to multiply the power of enterprise-level Product Information Management (PIM) across different channels. The Generator is a robust and intuitive tool that repurposes data throughout the system... allowing you to dynamically create

An interactive network of retail Commerce websites World-class B2B eCommerce Print and Digital catalogs eMail blasts & fax marketing Sales flyers, price lists, mailers, order forms, postcards In-store sales kiosks promoting & selling your products.

One-time input is Instantly repurposed.

The Generator enables the supplier’s product data to directly increase the sales productivity of their retailer customers — interactively. All product information seamlessly pushes to websites within the dealer eNetwork, including multiple images, cross-sells, videos — everything! Offer your customers a full-featured, turn-key eCommerce solution that automatically brings in your selected product information and provides continual updating, ensuring both your customers and consumers always have the best possible data.  The Generator is a streamlined program that saves time, increases accuracy, speeds time to market and creates a unique profit stream that pays for the system — providing a fast return on investment... and your share increases as your eNetwork grows!